Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What's the Pic? Artic {app review}

Home Speech Home has released a new app called What's the Pic? Artic!  It is an articulation app that uses the hidden picture format to help children drill their target sound(s).

App Preview:
Set up a profile for each child, using a picture or a fun emoji. Select the sounds for each child.

On his/her turn, the child will say the target word the number of times indicated by the stars.  The child will say the word slowly and pause in between. The stars will turn yellow for each repetition. Once he/she says the word the given number of times, one of the objects hiding the picture will be removed.  Before you move on to the next word, you must track data using the X and the checkmark. 

On each turn, the child has the opportunity to guess what the hidden picture is.  Type it in and hit "Done" to guess. If you select "Hint," it will give you a little more information about the word each turn. Some of the pictures are difficult to guess, so your clients/students might need moderate to maximum cueing from you.

When you guess the picture correctly or you have removed all of the objects hiding the picture, you will see this screen to celebrate.

Watch this video to see the app in action:

What I Like About This App:

  • The app tracks data. It also tracks it visually on the screen to give immediate feedback to the children.
  • There is a hint button to help figure out what the hidden picture is. 
  • The hidden photos are real photographs instead of cartoons/drawings. 
  • The target words are accompanied by a real photograph as well. 
  • This app allows for a lot of repetitions. My clients have been getting 200-300 repetitions per session easily. 
  • This app can be used in groups of up to 6 children. 
  • My clients love the hidden picture format. It's an engaging way to drill and practice their target sounds. 
  • The app uses voice recognition software, which is different than any other app I've seen. 
What Some of My Clients Said:

  • "This is awesome."
  • "It is fun. I can't believe I practiced that many words."
  • "Can we play that again?"
I think they really enjoyed it! I am always looking for engaging activities to drill our speech words.

Overall, What's the Pic? Artic is a fun, engaging app to help children practice their target sounds.  It utilizes voice recognition software to track when a child says each word.  Children enjoy trying to guess the hidden picture while drilling their speech words. The app can be used in a group or individual format.  Real photographs are utilized, and feedback on correct productions is provided visually and immediately with SLP input.

If you are interested in purchasing this app, you can find it in the App Store for $4.99. Here's an affiliate link for your convenience:

What's The Pic? Artic

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  1. I really like the voice recognition!

  2. I love that it incorporates real photographs into the app students can use inferecing skills etc to guess the hidden picture!

  3. The hidden picture seems like it would be super fun and motivating!

  4. I like that it's so different from other artic apps...hidden picture, voice recognition, and it even pulls in language with the inferencing part.

  5. This app looks like so much fun and it works on artic AND language skills!


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