Wednesday, December 19, 2012

All-Star Articulation Bingo: R and SH

Continuing with the bingo theme, I created two articulation activities last night.  One is for /r/, and one is for sh words.  For the /r/ pack, there are three games--one each for initial, medial, and final. For the sh pack, there are two games--initial and final--since a lot of the words with medial sh are difficult and above the elementary level.  Do you still want those medial sh words included?

Both packs are played the same way, so I will use /r/ as the example. Print and laminate all cards and bingo boards. The SLP will draw the calling card and read the definition on the card.

The students will identify the target word that goes with the definition. If they answer correctly, they place a chip/marker on their bingo boards. Whoever gets 5 in a row first wins!

I also recommend running through the definitions of the words with students first, so that they know what they're listening for. 

Each pack includes 25 calling cards, 5 blank calling cards, and 6 bingo boards per game.  The entire pack also comes with 2 blank bingo boards.

You can find the /r/ bingo here.  You can find the sh bingo here.

My plan is to complete a CH bingo next.  Are there other sounds you would like bingo games for? 

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