Sunday, December 9, 2012

Directing the Action: Social Skills/Pragmatics

This pack focuses on social skills and pragmatics. It is a 57 page download.

Good Scene or Bad Scene: Students will take turns drawing cards and will decide if it is a "good scene" or "bad scene" (a good thing to say or not). Sort cards onto mats. Watch out for the empty director's chairs. Lose all your cards if you draw one.

Includes student mats, 24 scene cards, and 6 blank cards.

Help the Director: Students will draw cards and say what should be done differently for each situation. Move forward one space on game board if you answer correctly. 

Includes game board, 24 megaphone cards, 6 blank cards, and a homework page for additional practice.

Positive or Negative Reviews: Emotions: Students will draw cards and decide if the emotion on the card is a positive or negative emotion. Sort onto appropriate mats.

Includes sorting mats, 30 emotion cards, 6 blank cards, and a homework page for additional practice.

The Director Says...Idioms: This game is played like Memory. Students flip over 2 cards and match the director (idiom) to the megaphone (meaning of the idiom).

Includes 14 idiom cards, 14 meaning cards, 4 blank cards, and a homework page for additional practice.

Getting Press: Getting Someone's Attention: Students will draw cards and state what they would do to get the other person's attention in the situation described on the cards. Keep the card if you answer correctly.

Watch out for empty chairs. The press left, and you lose all your cards!

Editing Skills: Make it Positive: Students will draw cards and read the negative comment. Can be played 2 ways: Either change the statement into a positive statement OR think of a positive response to make a friend if he said the negative comment.

Tone of Voice:This activity focus on tone of voice. Students will draw a tone card and a statement card. They read the statement using the given tone of voice.

Includes a practice page, 18 statement cards, 12 tone cards, and 6 blank cards. 

This activity is available in my TPT store.

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