Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Three Little Pigs Storybook Companion

This pack is a storybook companion for The Three Little Pigs, and I'm so excited about it! It is a 60 page download for speech, language, and literacy.

Pages 3-6: Illustrate the Plot Structure. Students can draw pictures for the characters, setting, problem, and resolution. Worksheet with lines for older children to write about each area or for those who do not want to draw. Includes an example of a completed chart:

Pages 7-12: Building Materials-Sequencing. Students draw cards and describe the steps in the sequence listed on the card. Includes 21 materials cards, 3 blank cards, and a game board.

Pages 13-21: Comparing and Contrasting.  Students will compare materials and characters used with 4 Venn Diagrams and supplemental paragraph prompts.

Pages 22-27: Houses:Asking Questions. Students will draw a house card and come up with a question for the answer on the card. Includes 24 house cards, 3 wolf cards, and 3 blank cards.

Pages 28-33: Character Vocabulary. To be played like Go Fish or Memory. Match the vocabulary cards from the story.

Pages 34-42: Cauldron Comprehension. The SLP will read the card to the student and the student will answer the question. Includes 2 student mats, 26 cauldron cards, and 2 blank cards.

Pages 43-51: True/False Wind. Students draw cards and determine if the statement on the card is true or false. Includes a game board, 24 wind cards, and 4 blank cards.

Pages 52-60: Blown Away Articulation. Students will draw cards and produce target word 5 times. Includes a pacing card, word list, and 22 target word cards.

Target sounds include /r/, /s/, /f/, and /p, b, w/.

This pack does not include the book.

You can find this activity in my TpT store.

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