Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mad Scientist Conjunctions (Coordinating and Subordinating)

This packet is a 33 page download with a focus on conjunctions (coordinating and subordinating). It also uses 5th grade science vocabulary and concepts. It includes 4 activities.

Test Tubes: Coordinating Conjunctions. Students draw test tube cards and determine which conjunction completes the sentence.

If students answer correctly, they place it on their mats.  Includes 2 student mats, 4 cue cards, 24 test tube cards, and 4 blank cards.

Peeking Pictures: Using Coordinating Conjunctions. In this set, pictures will be hidden underneath conjunction cards. Students will roll a die to determine which conjunction they will use in a sentence. If they use it correctly, they take the conjunction card off of the picture and place it on their mats. Whoever fills their mat and reveals their picture first wins! Includes 1 die, 6 conjunction cards, and 3 pictures.
Cut these out and place on top of picture above.

Beakers: Subordinating Conjunctions. Students will draw beaker cards and determine which conjunction completes the sentence.

Watch out for empty beaker cards! Lose all your cards if you draw one of these. Includes 4 cue cards, 32 beaker cards, 4 blank cards, and 4 special cards.

Microscopes: Using Subordinators. Students place their cards facedown in a pile (without looking at them!). They take turns flipping cards over into the center pile. They flip their card over and use the word in a sentence.

If they flip over a slap card, everyone has to try and slap the pile. Whoever slaps the pile first wins the cards that are in the center. Whoever has the most cards at the end wins! Includes 15 microscope cards and 3 slap cards.

You can find this activity in my TpT store.

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