Friday, February 22, 2013

Fab Find Friday

I am so sorry for my absence!  I've had the flu and have a bunch of grad school projects coming up...

That said, I'm starting something new. I'm going to call it "Fab Find Friday."   This will be a (hopefully) weekly post about great findings that I have seen throughout the week. This will include but is not limited to SLP resources, organization tips, recipes, treatment techniques, etc.

So let's get started!  Here are some fab findings from the week!

1. RTI Data and Progress Monitoring Sheets from JD's Rockin Readers.  We've been talking a lot about RTI in school these days, so I'm hoping these will be beneficial to you!!  Besides, this packet is free! :)  

2. Organization tips from Carrie's Speech Corner. She wrote a whole blog post about how she organizers her TpT materials!

3. Sensory Alphabet Game from Playdough to Plato.  I'm planning on trying this with my preschoolers!

4. Cute picture that just makes me smile

Hope you enjoyed those!!  Have a great weekend!


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