Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Springtime Preschool Packet

It is officially spring, everyone!  It certainly doesn't feel like it here, though! It's about 30 degrees and extremely windy.  But I have something that may bring up your mood a bit- Springtime Preschool Packet.

If your preschoolers are anything like mine, they need quick activities that can be completed in 10 minutes or less! This 31 page packet is full of quick activities for them!

-Sign-In Activities: Includes eggs to color and write names on and sign in cards. Students will trace words associated with springtime. Includes 2 eggs and 12 sign in cards.

-Egg Color Sort (adjectives): Students will sort the eggs by their color. Includes 1 sorting mat and 24 egg cards.

-Listening for Detail: Students will take turns drawing cards. The SLP will read the cards the students draw. Students will listen to what is read and color in the designated areas. Includes 1 worksheet, 32 calling cards, and 8 blank cards.

-Same/Different Cards: Students will take turns drawing cards. SLP will prompt students to pick out the card that is different or the same (based on the goal for the student). If the student answers correctly, they keep their card. Whoever has the most cards wins (or use a game board). Includes 12 cards

-Game Board and Die: An open-ended board game with an accompanying die to be used with these activities or other holiday activities

 You can find this activity in my TpT store here.

I will giveaway one copy of this to a reader!  Just comment below and tell me your favorite spring tradition or activity! 


  1. I love that this covers a wide range of subjects and will still hold the attention of the little ones. Thanks for this great pack!

  2. My preschoolers are exactly like yours! This week we are working on The Very Hungry Caterpillar as a way of welcoming Spring.

    1. Congrats! You were randomly selected! Email me at to claim your prize!

  3. I love to open the windows in the spring!

  4. This pack looks great! Right now we are getting ready a jellybean activity that will have the kids moving around and having fun the week before spring break.

  5. What a wonderful pack with a variety of useful activities!

  6. How fun, a wonderful packet. I love planting things in the spring. I am not a gardener but I enjoy having a small herb garden.

  7. This packet is great!!! So versatile and could be used (easily) with my kindergarten and first grade kiddos! Love finding the sprouts of green that have struggled to the surface - tulips, daffodils, hyacinth - all of them!!

  8. What a great looking packet! I love to turn the heat and A/C off and smell the fresh spring air. Though here in SD, it hasn't hit 30 degrees this week - so that hasn't happened ;) thanks for sharing!


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