Monday, April 8, 2013

Adapting TpT Items to Fit Your Needs

Today's post is about something I have to do a lot: adapt TpT items to fit my caseload or students' attentional needs.

Let me start by giving you an example. This week, we have been using Superhero Stopping from Simply Speech! You can see a picture below. 

 I love this packet because it covers A LOT of sounds!  Perfect for when you have a caseload with kids working on a variety of sounds, like mine! Not only that, but the Superhero theme is super engaging!

If your students are anything like mine, they need to be doing something physical. Anything to get them moving a little bit, even if it's just with their hands. I figured this game board would work, since they have to move the pieces and all.  Welp, they couldn't understand the  concept of a game...And by that I mean moving the pieces to the next space.  Nothing against the game or board itself--those are wonderful!

So my supervisor grabbed the lid to a box that was close by, propped it up, and held a superhero card on top.  This way, the kids thought the superhero was on the roof, in a way!  When the students said their words a couple times correctly, they got to make the superhero fly (i.e. flick it off).  Let me tell you--they LOVED it!!

As a student, I'm learning that you have to think on your feet.  When an activity doesn't work out as planned, we sometimes have to adapt it. This was the perfect example of using what was already in the room and allowing students to use their imagination for it to fit with the theme of the cards.

1. Find what's already in the room.
2. Get creative--pretend a box lid is something that it is most definitely not!
3. Have the kids pick out an object from the room and find a way to adapt it/incorporate it in.
4. Look at the theme of the packet and go from there!
5. Think about the students' interests. 

How have you adapted your TpT purchases to fit your caseload?  I would love to hear your creative ideas!

P.S. We have some AWESOME stuff coming up this week!  I cannot wait to share it with you!

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