Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Quick Tip: Using A Pacing Card

Do you ever get sick of saying, "Good job! Now say it again?"  If so, this is for you!

One of the tricks I learned this year in graduate school is to use a pacing card with students.  It is simple, easy, and fast to implement.  I had a little preschooler who was just working on resonance from his cleft palate. He knew all of the words and was intelligible-just needed some extra help with his nasality. He got sick of hearing the same thing over and over, and I got sick of saying it!! 

So we introduced a pacing card:

My student had to say each word 5 times total.  Let's say the target word was "pat." He would place his finger on the dot under the 1 and say, "Pat." Then, I would give feedback. He would proceed to placing his finger on the first dot under the 2, say, "Pat," move his finger to the next dot, and say "Pat" again. I would give feedback on his productions after 2 of them.  

He found this more fun than just saying the word over and over and over. Essentially that's what he was doing, but the element of moving his finger from dot to dot made it more fun for him, I guess! 

Do you think this is something you could use?  I created a simple one for you, if so!  You can get it by clicking on the image: 

Hope you enjoyed this quick tip!

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  1. I like this idea! I think I could do some things with it. I like that they give your more productions than in a game and the whole feedback concept. Thanks!


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