Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Caterpillar Patterns

You ever need a quick idea for the last couple minutes of a therapy session?  I did this past week!

The school's theme for the month was the Botanical Gardens, so we were needing to come up with some fun ideas related to spring, gardens, and insects!  As preschoolers, they are also working on a lot of basic concepts, such as colors, prepositions, and patterns/sequencing.  Here's a quick little activity for you.

I took a several pieces of paper and stacked them on top of each other. Then, I took a glass and traced around the bottom of it.  (Note: Folding the paper and using a circle punch would be other ways to achieve the same thing).  I just did three colors, but you can certainly make it more complicated if you would like!

With my preschoolers, we targeted colors, order, same/different, turn-taking, vocabulary, quantitative concepts (how many, length), and attention to task. WHOA! That's a lot.  I love activities that target a lot of their goals at once!

This can be used as a full classroom activity, center activity, whole language group activity, or with an individual client.

In summary, what I love about this idea:
-It targets SO much! 
- You can use whatever paper you have leftover (construction, scrapbook, etc).
-All you need are scissors, paper, and something to trace around
-Kids love it
-It's quick and easy

What quick activities do you use? 

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