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5 Signs Your Summer Needs Something New, 5 Benefits of Signing for SLPs, the 5 Signs of Summer! {Day 6 of 1000 Likes Celebration

Welcome to Day 6 and the final day of the 1000 Likes Celebration!! Hope you enjoyed your "sweet" treat.  Today, I have Kristy from Hear My Hands, LLC writing a great post about summer, SLPs, and signing!  It's a great post, so I hope you enjoy it!! 

Yesterday's winner was Julie G. Congrats! You will be emailed by the end of the week! 

We all know summer is a blast at first right? But when the honeymoon period is over, the 5 signs your summer’s honeymoon period is over kick in like …
1.      You feel like you’re forgetting all the little things that made you an unique SLP
2.      The sun is too hot or the TV is boring
3.      You can only handle so many summer reading books
4.      Your slush fund is wearing thin from all your extra curricular activities
5.      You’re bored!

So now what?  We want something fresh, something new ... what do can you do? Learn the 5 Signs of Summer!

Sign Language is a great way to keep you mind active and your interest high. Kids love to learn it and it has a benefit for everyone! As a speech language pathologist I use it in so many avenues – I don’t think a day goes by that I’m not signing!

Five Benefits of signing for a Speech Language Pathologist
1.      Bridge communication gaps.  For my students who are Deaf / Hard-of-Hearing sign language is sometimes a necessities or an additional support that helps them communicate. We all contrive to be competent communicators!
2.      A great resume booster.  Let’s be honest, who doesn't like to have that one thing that separates you from the rest!? Learning another language certainly helps.
3.      Visual attention. Using sign language helps hold the attention of my all students big and small. I have interest from my Early Intervention two year olds and my 16 year old high schoolers. Moving my hands peaks the interest of everyone.
4.      Brain active.  I’m a big proponent of motor planning. Sign Language needs significant motor planning [motor planning – like brushing your teeth aimlessly without effort or texting without looking!). You might find that signing is difficult at first and with more practice, believe it or not, you are working parts of your brain that you don’t typically work! Who needs the Brain Trainer on the Nintendo DS – just sign!
5.      Multimodality approach. I have quite a few students who use ‘talkers,’ (a.k.a. communication devices), signs, verbal approximations, and written text. Whatever method is most convenient for them at that moment in communication is what’s best.

Signing has benefits for everyone. So what are the 5 signs for the summer.
1.      SUMMER

2.      HOT

3.      WATER

4.      SUN

5.      (you decide! Comment below with what you think the 5th sign should be. Not only will you get to vote on the 5th sign, but you’re entry will put you in the running for a free Sign Language Flash Card set!)

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your SUMMER and stay cool from this HOT SUN!
~ Kristy
HearMyHands, LLC

Circle graphics from The Hazel Owl
Signing Simon character © 2013 HearMyHands

Signs: HOT, SUMMER, and SUN from Sign2Me 

Thanks, Kristy!  That was a great post! 

Now, we have a few giveaways today!  First, be sure to comment below about your sign for summer.  One lucky winner will win a set of flash cards from Hear My Hands.  

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