Monday, September 9, 2013

Med SLP {app review}

As a graduate student, I am required to log my clinical hours.  My school pays for and uses software to track our hours, but it is nice to see a tracking option as an app! It's a new idea that I haven't seen before.  It's a simple, no frills app for you!

Here's the main page.  You can click on to follow them on FB, view their podcast, or click to view the ASHA standards.

When you enter the app, you are taken to a screen that lists your practicum sites on the left and your client list on the right.  The app comes with a default of "Medical Affiliation," "School Affiliation," and "University Clinic."  It also includes "Undergrad Observations," where you can enter in up to 25 hours (believe me- I tried to see if it would take 400 of them!).   You can edit the list of practicums and add your own, though!  This is important to me, so I added a few of mine. Simply click the + and type it in.

After you have your placements set up on the left side, you can begin entering in client information on the right side.  Just click the little + on that side and type in information.  You can see the default list here:

This list was not as extensive as I need it to be, so I was happy to see the other category.  When you click other, you have the option to type in the name.  I slide the button to the right to "OFF" so that it would show up as "Autism" instead of as "Other."

When you have entered your hours in, you can have the app generate a summary report.  It lists out pie charts for the practicum sites, age (adult/child), session type (treatment, evaluation, IEP meeting, other), and disorder type.

There is a bunch of settings you can play around with, too.  Here's one example:

What I like about this app:
-It is a new idea that I haven't seen before as an app
-It is a practical option for those who have to track hours
-You have the option to add your own practicum sites
-You have the option to add disorders and ages
-You can email the report to yourself or others
-Easy navigation at the bottom (Main, Logs, Settings, Reports)
-It could be used by SLPs who are out of grad school and need to track their hours for whatever reason.  For example, if you want to get your BRS-S certification, then you need to track the number of clients with dysphagia that you see.

What I would like to see in future updates:
-A more extensive disorder list.  You can add your own, but the core list is missing options such as "aphasia" and "social communication," which are two BIG areas in our field.
-A more extensive age breakdown.  You can add your own here, too, but it'd be great if it were included in the list already.  Working with Birth to 3 is very different than working with 5-10 year olds, which is very different than working with 11-18 year olds. Yet, they're all considered "Child."  Same goes for adults.
-A place to add gender
-A place to add notes- for more details about the case or about a strategy that worked or didn't work
-A way to generate a report specific to one practicum site

What do you think- is this something you could use?? 

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