Thursday, February 20, 2014

Language Trainer {app review}

I'm always excited to see Smarty Ears apps and was definitely excited to see this Language Trainer be released!   I was also very excited when they asked me to review it as well.  Take a look.

This app targets many different areas, such as language, vocabulary, and word finding!  It would be appropriate for both adults and children!  

To get started, just add your students as users.  Select which user you would like for that session and get started!

There are four activities:

-Picture Identification- The app will give a word for the student to identify.  The student will then select the named picture on the screen.

-Picture Naming- The app provides a picture, and the student will name the picture.  This activity allows for SLP to record whether the answer was correct, incorrect, or cued.

-Divergent Naming- The student will name items in a category given by the app.

-Sentence Completion- The student is provided with a phrase to complete.  He/she will then fill in the phrase with the appropriate word.  This activity allows for SLP to record whether the answer was correct, incorrect, or cued.

One of my favorite features about this app is the report.  Not only can you look at each session on its own, you can look at all of the sessions over time.  This allows for quick comparison and the ability to see improvement over time!  

Things I love about this app:
-It's for both adults and children! Not many apps are and I love that it is!
-It is simple and easy to use.
-It could be used for assessment or intervention.
-There is a record button so that my students can hear themselves--a feature they love!
-It collects data for you!
-It is easy to see their progress over time with the report section.
-The reports are easy to share.
-You can add your own notes to reports.
-You have access to great tech support, as always, from Smarty Ears!

What I would love to see in an update:
-Two of the sections have a place for "cued" under the data.  I would love it if all four sections had this option!

If you would like this app, you can find it in iTunes for $14.99 (as of 2/20/2014)!

Note: A copy of this app was provided for my review.  No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are mine. 

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