Monday, March 17, 2014

Speechy Feedback: March {linky party}

We are halfway through March already...WOW! Can you believe that???   Well, because it's a new month, it's time for another feedback linky party hosted by Nicole over at Allison's Speech Peeps!   Head on over to her blog to see all of the participating bloggers and the rules!

This month, we're thanking TWO people who left feedback--one on a paid item and one on a free item.

First up, the paid item.  I was SO excited to hear this feedback about one of the products I'm most proud of--my EBP Binder.  Let me tell you why I love this feedback.  I love it because she is willing to help me improve it!  I'm so happy you like it, Keryn, and cannot wait to hear how I can add to it.

And then on to the free product.  I absolutely love to hear that these Vocalic R cards are being used for more than just traditional speech therapy.  You're absolutely right- it is hard to qualify for speech, so I'm glad these can be used in other ways!

Keryn and Seeds for Your Learning Garden, email me at with your choice of non-bundled product from my TpT store.

Thanks everyone!  Keep leaving great feedback!
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  1. I LOVE your EBP binder! I purchased it during the sale :-)


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