Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Speech Therapy Folders

One of the best things I learned at my school placement this spring was how to stay organized for each student.  One of my favorite ideas was a folder for each student.  I created my own cute ones based on what we had used, and I cannot wait to implement them in my own speech room!  Here's an extensive look at what is included in this packet.
I have included that cover page if you would like to use it.  The first page of the packet otherwise is the one below.  Write the student's name in the box and fill in the information as well.  I like to call this a quick reference page.  While the IEP is included in the back of the folder, this is a very quick reference for me to just quickly glance at.  This page is also available in black and white.

Next up are the monthly goal pages.  There are two per sheet of paper.  Print all of the months two-sided to save paper.  Staple and place in a plastic page protector.  Fill in the short-term goal in those spots.  At the end of the month, circle if they achieved it, it is emerging, to continue it, or if the goal was not met.   

The next page is a sticker chart.   We used stickers for grades K through 3.  Once they hit 10 stickers, they could get a prize out of the prize bucket.  I understand that this is not something every SLP likes to do.  It is something that we have found works, so I will probably use it until I can come up with something different.

This is a similar idea as the sticker chart.  If you choose to implement homework, use this.  The student will receive one sticker per homework turned in.  Once they fill in one "row," they get a prize.
 This homework log can be sent home with the students so that the parents can receive instructions and sign off on the student doing it.

As we know, documenting any and all communication is essential.  Use this form to document any communication you have with the student's parents, caregivers, teachers, or others.

Similarly, use this form to record any notes during IEP, pre-IEP, teacher, or parent meetings.  Keep it all in one spot for easy reference later on.

Yet another form, this one for classroom observations.  Sometimes, we are asked to observe a student in his/her classroom setting to see if there are any differences or noticeable behaviors.  Keep all of those in one spot.

I am a firm believer that students, especially older ones, do well when they monitor how they are doing.  This chart can be used monthly, weekly, or daily.  Just write the date in at the bottom and mark their percentage.

Finally, I have a list of other items to include in the student's folder.  This packet is to help get you started and do it in a cute way.
I cannot wait to use these and keep my students' data organized!   They are available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store if you would like them!

P.S. If there is anything you would like to see added, please let me know, and I would be happy to add it.

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