Thursday, June 19, 2014

Story Dice {app review}

I am always in the market for great apps.  My students love using the iPad, and I love it if I can find one that incorporates in my lessons/goals for the day.  Obviously, this does NOT replace therapy done by you.  Rather, it is a tool that is used by the therapist during the speech session.

Today, I want to talk to you about an app called Story Dice by Thinkamingo.  It is super simple and user friendly, which I love.  It has been around for awhile, but I just discovered it the other day!

Description (directly from Thinkamingo):
Story Dice is a creative tool to prompt ideas for plot, character, and setting. This idea generator can be used effectively for both written and oral storytelling.

 How to Use:

The app starts with two dice as the default.  It will show two dice on the screen.  Have the student tell the story, write the story, follow directions, name their articulation sounds, or whatever it is they may be doing.  Simply tap the screen for a new set of dice.

The app settings will allow up to 10 dice on the screen.  You can see 8 pictured below.  As you add more, it makes the screen feel quite busy and cluttered, so I would recommend not going too high up.  Eight still looks ok (see below).  

As I mentioned above, you can change the settings.  Simply click the "more" button in the upper right hand corner.  You can learn about Thinkamingo, send feedback, rate the app, change the number of dice used, and the sounds.


  • Writing prompts and oral narratives- have students create stories individually or as a group (one person takes one dice and then the next takes another and so on).  For lower levels, have them simply create a sentence. 
  • Categories- have student name the categories in which each dice will go
  • Describing- have each student describe each item aloud
  • Labeling- have each student label each of the dice rolled 
  • Articulation- have students find their target sounds in the dice 
  • Many many more, I'm sure! 

I think this is a great app to have available for use in my speech room.  There is a lot you can do with the app, and the students truly enjoy using it.  I really like that the pictures are black and white and are clear.  Even young preschoolers or kindergarteners can participate using this app.  At the same time, older students definitely enjoy it too.  Overall, it is a great, simple app that I am looking forward to using more in my speech room.  

If you are interested, the app is available for $1.99 on iTunes.  It is also available on Android, Nook, Kindle, and Blackberry networks as well. 

Note:  I purchased this app myself. No compensation was received.  All opinions expressed are mine.

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  1. Great review! I wrote one about the same app this week on my blog (great minds think alike they say!) I had some different ideas if you want to check mine out too


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