Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sequencing {app review}

Day 3 in App week is here!!   I'm excited about the next app because I have students working on this skill.  I loved being able to use this with them!

Let's talk about Sequencing from I Can Do Apps!

Description (from I Can Do Apps' website):
"Sequencing from I Can Do Apps is a tool designed to work on sequencing and storytelling skills.   Sequencing can help individuals organize information and ideas efficiently.  This app targets the concepts of first, last and next in the early levels then applies these concepts in more complex tasks in later levels.  Five levels of increasing difficulty allow users of varying abilities to learn about sequencing using photographs of everyday events."
As it mentions, this app has five levels.  The first is identifying what picture occurs first or last.  The student simply clicks on the picture that answers the question.  Here are a couple of examples:


The next level is identifying the picture that occurs next.  The student clicks on the picture that answers the question here as well.

The third level is touching two pictures in the correct order.  The students touch one and then the other.  The pictures will light up red or green to indicate if the answer is correct or incorrect.

The fourth level is putting three pictures in the correct order that they would occur.  The student will drag the pictures up to the white space in the correct order.

The final level is numbering the steps in a sequence.  The student drags the numbers from the top to the statement below.

What I Love About This App:
-It was designed with an SLP's input.
-It has multiple levels.
-It is easy to use.
-The students can check the sequence for the final level.
-It is engaging while still addressing the skill.
-The pictures are real pictures and are simple enough for students to recognize.
-It's inexpensive.

What I Would Love to See in Future Updates:
-A way for there to be multiple players.
-A way to save data across multiple sessions.  We do this by hand, but it would be nice to have the app save it.  

If you are interested in this app, you can find it in the app store here.   At the time of this review, it was listed at $4.99.

Note: A copy of the app was provided for my review. No other compensation was received.  All opinions expressed are mine. 

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