Sunday, April 19, 2015

Speech and Language Earth Day Freebies

Earth Day is on Wednesday, April 22nd this year!   I love using themed products in my speech room.  Holidays always make for easier planning.  I wanted to compile a list of Earth Day Freebies for you to use this week!

-Earth Day Articulation Dot Art
-Earth Day Articulation
-Earth Day R Freebie

-Recycle It: Irregular Past Tense Verbs

-I Love My Earth {Multiple Meaning Words Edition}
-I Have, Who Has Earth Day Freebie
-Earth Day Roll and Name 
-Earth Day Context Clues with Bonus Worksheet
-Earth Day Sequencing Activities
-Earth Day Problem Solving
-Earth Day Recycling Words Hunt
-Earth Day Yes/No Questions and Vocabulary
-Earth Day Following Directions 
-Earth Day Activities

Mini Books:
-Earth Day Mini Book
-Earth Day Foldable Mini-Book

-Earth Day Printable Activities
-Earth Day Challenge
-Celebrate Earth Day! Reinforcement Game

Hope that helps make for easy planning this week!

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