Thursday, July 23, 2015

Speech Sounds by Letter Bookmarks

Last Friday, I posted about a new product, Speech Sounds by Letter Posters.  Be sure to check out that post.  Today, I want to talk about it's companion product: Speech Sounds by Letter Bookmarks!

These Speech Sounds by Letter Bookmarks are perfect for the busy speech-language pathologist who wants to send homework home with his/her students for practice.

Bookmarks for initial, medial, final, mixed, and blend sounds are included.  There are both color and black and white versions.

These bookmarks are low-prep. Simply print, cut, and send home.

The sounds included in this packet are:
B, P, K, G, S, Z, F, V, H, L, N, M, SH, TH, R, W, J (dg)

If you are interested in these bookmarks, check them out in my TeachersPayTeachers store! 

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