Thursday, February 11, 2016

Create Your Own Testing Vocabulary Board Game

My students struggle a lot with testing vocabulary.  Every year in the spring semester, we start hitting that vocabulary hard with the hopes of bringing up the students' test scores.  If they can understand the vocabulary words in the word problems or questions about their reading passages. 

It's a well known fact that students learn better when students are motivated. I wanted to come up with a way for students to learn these words in a way that was more fun than simply flashcards.  My students love games, so why not have them make a board game to help them learn these words? 

My students have been loving this activity.  They are staying engaged while learning these words in a way that works for them.  While making the game, they are learning the words and the definitions.  When the play the game, they are reinforcing what they have already learned. 

We have been targeting the following words:
analyze, classify, compare, conclude, consider, contrast, defend, demonstrate, describe, determine, distinguish, eliminate, evaluate, evidence, example, explain, generalization, indicate, infer, judge, justify, label, narrate, persuade, predict, relate, represent, show, specify, summarize, support, tell, and verify. 

I put together a packet for you in case you want to do the same activity with your students! 



Included in this packet are:
-instructions for the students
-game board templates
-spinner templates
-cards for the game
-rules to play page for students to fill in

I hope this helps your students learn the vocabulary words and that they enjoy it!  You can find it in my TpT store now!

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