Wednesday, September 28, 2016

10 Ways-A Social Skills Game {app review}

Everyday Speech just released a brand new app called 10 Ways-A Social Skills Game!  It is a free app that targets a lot of different social skills! Check out the app below.

There are 9 categories or "games" in this app:

Select the number of players and enter their names.

The app is played like Jeopardy. Simply select the point value, and a question pops up.

Conversational Skills categories include:
-Taking Turns
-Starting and Ending Convos
-Maintain a Conversation

Nonverbal Communication categories include:
-Tone of Voice
-Body Language
-Personal Space
-Facial Expressions
-Eye Contact

What Do You Mean? categories include:
-Taking Things Literally
-Indirect Messages

Problem Solving categories include:
-Big or Small Problem
-Ways to Solve Problems
-Seeing the Other Side

All About Friends categories include:
-Acting Like a Friend
-Talking to Friends
-Perspective Taking

My School Day categories include:
-Out of the Classroom
-Before School
-Lunch Time
-In the Classroom
-Interacting with your Teacher

Going to a Birthday Party categories include:
-Party Manners
-Party Games
-Before the Party
-Hidden Party Rules
-Interacting with Friends

In the Community categories include:
-People We See
-Places We Go
-Public versus Private
-Going to a Restaurant
-At the Park

Family Time categories include:
-Having Fun
-Going to Someone Else's Home
-Family Dinners

At the end of each game, you will go to "Social Showdown." This promotes further discussion about one of the topics.

Here's what I love about the app:
-It's FREE.
-It addresses a lot of different types of social skills.
-There are 10 different ways to practice those social skills.
-It is designed for group play, up to 5 children.
-It's Jeopardy-style, so it's a fun, familiar set up.
-There are over 400 questions in the app, so the kids get a lot of practice.

What I would love to see in an update:
-A way to take data that saves it under each child's name and by category

What my clients said:
-"This game is fun!"
-"I like competing against my friends and trying to get more points than them."

10 Ways-A Social Skills Game is a fantastic free, Jeopardy-style app that addresses conversational skills, nonverbal communication, figurative language, problem solving, friendships, and asking/answering questions.  It is designed for groups of 2-5 children, which makes it perfect for SLPs who run social skills groups.

If you're interested, you can find this app for FREE in the App Store.

Note: I was contacted by Everyday Speech to review this app. No compensation was received. All opinions expressed are mine. 

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