Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Pronouns with Splingo {app review}

A couple of my clients have been having some difficulty with pronouns recently.  All of them are motivated by the iPad, so I was excited when I found out there was an app to target pronouns!  Check it out below. Affiliate links may be included for your convenience. 
The app is designed to teach the following pronouns: we, I, they, he, she, him, her, them, me, us, hers, his, theirs, mine, and ours.  To get started, select which pronouns you would like to target.

Then, the app will pop up an object and a sentence, directing the child where to put the object.

They also include a visual Hints and Tips section, which I love because I'm such a visual learner.

Overall, Pronouns with Splingo is a good app to get started with targeting pronouns as well as working on following simple directions.  My clients enjoy playing with Splingo again and liked the sticker reinforcer.  It is easy to customize and start using immediately.  In future updates, I would love to see a way for the app to take data.

If you are interested in purchasing this app, it is available for $2.99 in the App Store at the time of this review.

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