Thursday, September 20, 2018

New Resources to Add to Your Speech Room for 2018-2019

I believe everyone is back in school now.  This summer, I've been compiling a list of new games and resources that I have added or want to add to my speech room.  Some of these may be new to you; others may be products you already love!  These are listed in no particular order, though they may include affiliate links for your convenience. 

Resource Books:
1. Retro Toddler: More Than 100 Old-School Activities to Boost Development by Anne H. Zachry.  

This is a great book written by an occupational therapist.  I was excited to receive a copy of this book so I could integrate some of these suggested activities into my therapy sessions with my little friends.  I think this could be a great resource for those starting out in early intervention, but also for parents.  It is a very easy read and is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

2. Thirty Million Words: Building a Child's Brain by Dana Suskind

I originally bought this book for myself when I found out I was pregnant.  As a speech-language pathologist, I knew it was important to boost her language early and have conversations with her.  I thought this book would be a great addition to my personal library.  Turns out, this book is a great one for my professional library as well. This is another great recommendation for parents to read.  It can help shape the way they speak to their children!  Interesting tidbit--it is written by a pediatric surgeon who worked with patients with cochlear implants! 

3. Overcoming Dyslexia by Sally Shaywitz

I first purchased this book to read with my co-workers in a book study.  It has been such great foundational information about what dyslexia actually is that I have now integrated it as part of my graduate student training program.  My state just passed some significant legislation regarding dyslexia, so I want to be ready myself and want my students to be prepared for when they enter the job market.  This is another great one to recommend to parents who are just starting on this journey as well. 

Books for Kids:

1. Help Me Be Good Series 

This series was introduced to me by the BCBAs that I work with.  These are great books for targeting social skills.  They have been a good way for me to target social skills AND reading comprehension with one of my clients.   I want to add these to my personal library! I have used the following books: 

2. Fruit Salad Friend by Maria Dismondy 

I love the Maria Dismondy books.  They all have great lessons to be learned.  These are perfect for all kids, but especially those working on social skills.  

3. The Girl Who Thought In Pictures: The Story of Dr. Temple Grandin

This is a fun biography of Temple Grandin written for kids.  Temple Grandin has always been fascinating to me, so I love sharing it with my clients.  This is a great book that you should all have in your speech room!   


1. Super Genius-Reading 1

This is such a fun game that is similar to Spot It.  Ever since I received it a few weeks ago from Blue Orange Games, my clients have been asking to play it.  I love that it targets sight words (Dolch words) because several of my clients are working on them.  It makes for easy planning on my part since they enjoy it so much! 

2.  Fluxx

Ok I'll admit, Fluxx is not new to me.  But it's new to almost everyone I talk to about it.  I grew up playing this game.  Now I'm using it in my speech room.  This has been a great game for me to use to help my clients become more flexible.  It is a game of ever-changing rules, so it's great for following directions as well! 

3. Superfight

This game was introduced to me by one of the occupational therapists that I work with.  It is a game of absurd arguments.  This game allows kids to be creative and think critically about what attributes would be stronger than others.  It is a great game to work on persuasion.

4. Snake Oil

This is another great game for persuasion. One player is a customer and the rest are "salesmen."  The salesmen are trying to convince the customer why he/she needs that product.  It is a great way to work on describing objects as well.  


Hope you can add some great new games and resources to your speech room this school year! 

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