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Hi there!  Welcome to Home Sweet Speech Room!  I'm glad you're here!

About Home Sweet Speech Room:

I started this blog to share speech and language therapy materials.  My clinical supervisors kept commenting about how I had such great and creative materials.  I decided I would share those ideas with all of you!  Feel free to use the materials and ideas I post here in your speech room. I would love to see how you're using them, so send me pictures too!

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I opened my Teachers Pay Teachers store while I was in grad school, and I have enjoyed making materials for busy SLPs ever since.  I am so passionate about creating fun and exciting materials for my clients.  My goal is to make therapy fun for students/clients and the SLPs!  

Speech Sounds by Letter: Posters Simplified Speech Therapy Planner

About Carissa:
I graduated in May 2012 from Calvin College with a B.A. in both Spanish and Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology.  In May 2014, I graduated from Saint Louis University with an M.A. in Communication Sciences and Disorders.  I am a speech-language pathologist in a private outpatient clinic.  I previously worked in an elementary school setting.  I have worked with a broad variety of clients, including preschool, language disorders, cleft palate, aphasia, childhood apraxia of speech, dyspraxia, and stuttering. My clinical placements have included an early childhood language and learning center, a children's hospital, an elementary school, an international adoption clinic, skilled nursing facilities, in-home care, and our on-campus clinic.
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If something wasn't answered on this blog or you have an idea, feel free to contact me at homesweetspeechroom@gmail.com.  I would love to hear from you! 

Like I said, I'm very excited you're here.  I would just ask that you read the following information.  It is very important! 

Comment Policy:

I want to hear your opinion on what's posted, but please say it nicely.  This is an open, POSITIVE Speechie community.  Let's keep the focus on the activities. There is no reason to get nasty about anything. Thankfully, most of you are dears, and I won't have to do it. But if you post something negative, I will delete it. 


This is a personal blog written and edited by me, Carissa Speelman. The opinions expressed on here are my own, unless otherwise stated. If there is a guest post, it will be clearly marked. 

I may provide links to other websites or blogs. I am not responsible for the content of those websites. 

The information and materials on this blog are to be used as resources for speech-language pathologists seeking activities to support therapy.  It is by NO means a replacement for speech and language services provided by an ASHA licensed and certified speech-language pathologist.  If you are a teacher, parent, or caregiver and suspect that a child may have a speech or language delay or disorder, I encourage you to find an ASHA licensed and certified speech-language pathologist for a complete evaluation.   Also, I will make no guarantees that use of any information or products posted here will help improve any child or adult's speech and language skills.  

I make every effort to keep this site up-to-date and in accordance with current research.  However, I will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions, or any loss or damage that results from its use or display. You are responsible for your use of the materials and information found on this site.  You are using it at your own risk.

Copyright Information:

Feel free to reference my materials or ideas, so long as you give me credit for them and link directly back to me. My materials are intended for personal and/or classroom use. It may not be used for resale or redistribution. Do not sell my ideas as your own. Do not copy. Do not share downloads. 

You may print information from here for your PERSONAL use. 

You may use the PDFs provided here for your PERSONAL use. 
You may provide an excerpt of one of my posts on your blog so long as it is brief (very short!) and provides a clear link back to my blog.  You may NOT copy a post or activity in full and post it on your site.
You may NOT store any information or activity found on this site on any other site, including Dropbox.
You may NOT copy any of my products or use them for commercial purposes.
You may NOT transfer the materials you have downloaded or purchased to another person.  They are for single person use. You MAY refer them to my site or store.
You may NOT remove any copyright label on any products or posts.

 I will accept free products, services, or other forms of compensation. I will NOT accept paid topic posts. Any compensation received will NOT influence the opinions, content or posts on this blog. 


  1. I absolutely LOVE your blog and all of your resources!
    :) Amanda

  2. I'm a SLU grad too :) (undergrad), and I know that my wonderful clinical supervisor is still there. I can't wait to visit your blog often.

  3. What state do you work in? I just read your post about the discrepency model and am curious because we have been having conversations about this in my district as well. Thanks and good luck in your new venture!


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