Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Banana Boat Articulation

One of my clients is working on initial bilabials and other early developing sounds, so I was inspired to make an activity that addressed those sounds. I am always looking for a new and fun way to work on the sounds.  This is pretty much all drill, which does tire her out.  But it works!

The packet is a 53 page download, and it includes articulation game for the sounds B, P, M, D, and T. This game is for readers, thus some of the words are longer.

The pack includes 54 cards for each sound, including 18 of initial sounds, 18 of medial sounds, and 18 final sounds for each target sound.

Each game comes with a title page, and the sound cards each have a monkey on them.

While you play, watch out for the "I spy a pirate" card. If you draw one, put all your cards back.

You can find this activity in my TPT store.

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