Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Polar Express Social Language

In my preschool placement this summer, we did a lot of intervention with a storybook focus.  I love the idea of reading a book and doing activities based on it.  I was inspired to do a book for the Christmas season, so I chose the Polar Express.

This pack focuses on social skills and pragmatics. It is a 26 page download.

Nice or Not Nice: Based on Santa's nice list and naughty list, Students will draw cards and decide if the statement is nice or not nice and place it in the appropriate pile.

Includes 18 statement cards, 6 blank cards, and 1 set of nice/not nice board. It also includes a homework page for students to write out nice and not nice words.

Reindeer Conversation Starters: Students will draw cards and answer the question on the card. Includes 18 question cards and 6 blank cards.

Social Problem Solving: Students will draw cards and answer the questions regarding a social situation and how they would respond. Includes 12 situation cards, 4 blank cards.

Sounds of the Season: This activity focus on tone of voice. Students will draw a tone card and a statement card. They read the statement using the given tone of voice. Includes a practice page, 18 statement cards, 12 tone cards, and 6 blank cards.

This activity is available in my TPT store


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