Thursday, December 6, 2012

Polar Express Expressive Language

Another Polar Express set! This pack focuses on expressive language. It is a 28 page download based on the book, The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg.

Christmas Presents: Forming Wh-Questions. Students will draw present cards and form a Wh- question based on the words on the cards. Students keep the cards when they form a question correctly. Watch out for the elves cards that will steal all the presents back! Pack includes 4 question cue cards, 42 question cards, and 12 elf cards. Blank cards are also included!

Similes and Metaphors: The book is full of similes, metaphors, and phrases that could be made into similes and metaphors. Pack includes definition page, worksheets for similes and metaphors, and a write your own homework page.

On Board with Friends: Retelling and Sequencing: Students draw cards with familiar sequences to retell. They are based on experiences in the book and other popular Christmas experiences. Watch out for the bell cards (lost your bell)--you lose a turn. Includes a game board, 18 sequence cards, and 6 bell cards. Blank cards are also included!

You can find this activity in my TPT store.

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