Friday, December 7, 2012

Polar Express Phonological Awareness

This pack focuses on phonological awareness. It is a 32 page download based on the book, The Polar Express.

All Aboard Syllable Sorting: In this activity, students will draw conductor cards, count the syllables, and then place the card on the appropriate spot on the syllable sorting train (1, 2, 3 syllables). Includes 1 syllable sorting train mat, 42 conductor cards, and 6 blank cards.

Rhyming Bells: Play this game like Go Fish! Students will have an assortment of boy cards and bell cards. Each bell card rhymes with a boy card. Students will ask others if they have the card that rhymes with _____ (e.g. Do you have the card that rhymes with bell?). Includes 42 bell and boy cards and 6 blank cards.

Compound Trains: Play this game like Memory! Set all the cards face down. Students take turns flipping over 2 cards to see if they "match" (create a compound word). To form a compound word, match one engine card to one car card. If they don't match, flip back over. Includes 36 train cards (18 engine and 18 car) and 4 blank cards.

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