Sunday, December 23, 2012

New Year's Round-Up

Here's a look at all of my New Year's activities, since it is quickly approaching!

New Year's Sequencing:
This 21 page pack focuses on the skill of sequencing in three different activities.
Expressive: Students will draw sequence cards, read them, and identify the steps in the given sequence. Order of Events: Students will draw sequence cards, read them, and identify the order of the steps in the sequence. Fill-in-the-Blank: Students will draw cards, read them, and a fill in the blank to complete the sequence.

New Year's Listening Comprehension:
This download is 9 pages in length and contains 20 passage cards, 4 blank cards, 6 task cards, and a game board.  tudents will draw two cards: A task card and a passage card. The passage cards contain 3-4 sentences about some fun New Year's fact.  Read this card to your students. The task cards prompt the student to answer WH-questions or recall 1-2 details about what they just heard. 

New Year's Receptive Language:
This pack is a 31 page download.  The first activity is Decorating: Following Directions. Students will draw streamer cards and complete the task listed on the cards.The second activity is Party Hats: Answering WH-Questions.  In this activity, students will draw cards and answer the WH-question listed. The final activity is Making Predictions. Students will draw cards with a scenario on them and will make a prediction. 

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