Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pirate High Seas Conjunctions

This fun pirate-themed pack is a 27 page download and includes 3 activities and a conjunction poster. It focuses on coordinating conjunctions (for, and, but, so, yet, or). You can find this activity in my TpT store.

Page 2: Conjunction Poster. Discusses the use of conjunctions for making a compound sentence.

Pages 3-12: Treasure Chests: Coordinating Conjunctions. Each student is given a cue card with the list of conjunctions.

They draw treasure chest cards and choose the correct conjunction to complete the sentence.

If they answer correctly, they place the card on their mat. Whoever has the most cards wins.

Pages 13-21: X Marks the Spot: Correcting Conjunctions. Students will each get a cue card with the list of conjunctions.

They will draw X cards and correct the incorrect conjunction on the card.

If they answer correctly, they move forward one space on the game board.

Pages 22-27: Peeking Pictures: Using Conjunctions. In this set, pictures will be hidden underneath conjunction cards. Students will roll a die to determine which conjunction they will use in a sentence. If they use it correctly, they take the conjunction card off of the picture and place it on their mats. Whoever fills their mat and reveals their picture first wins!

Print and assemble this die.
Print 2 copies of this. Cut up one and use the other as the student mat.
Print pictures but do not cut up. Place the cut up conjunction cards on top of these.

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