Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pirate Language: Quantitative Concepts

Pirates are such a fun theme, especially when it's cute clipart and not mean, scary pirates! This pack is a 17 page download focusing on tough quantitative concepts! The words targeted include all, none, some, if, and except.

Pages 2-11: Pirate Hats: Fill-in-the-blank. Students will draw cards and fill in the blank with the correct quantitative concept.

If the student answers correctly, they keep the cards on their student mats.

Includes 2 student mats, 4 cue cards, 20 hat cards, 4 blank cards, and 4 sword cards.

Pages 12-17: Peeking Pictures: Expressive Language. Print and laminate all cards and pictures. Set the pictures and student mats aside. Do not cut these apart.

Cut out word cards and place on top of pictures.

Students roll a die to determine which word card they remove from the picture.

For each card, the student will use the word in a sentence. If the student uses the word correctly, they remove the word card from the picture and place to the side. This will reveal a portion of the picture.

You can find this activity in my TpT store.

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