Sunday, December 30, 2012

President's Day Receptive Language Packet

This President's Day Receptive Language Packet is 27 pages in length and has 3 different activities.

Pages 2-11: Presidents: Comprehension. Students will draw president cards with short passages on them.

They will also draw cards to determine which question they will answer (Who, What, When, and One Detail). Includes a game board, 24 president cards, 4 blank cards, and 4 question cards.

Pages 12-20: Rockets: Following Directions. Students will draw rocket cards and complete the actions listed on the card.

If completed correctly, they keep the card on their student mat. Whoever has the most cards wins! Includes 2 student mats, 36 rocket cards, and 6 blank cards.

Pages 21-27: Hats: WH-Questions. Students will roll the die to determine which type of question they will answer. and will answer the question on the card.

If they answer correctly, the student places a chip on the space for the type of question answered. The goal is to answer one of each question and fill the board first. Includes 1 die, 2 boards, and 24 hat cards.

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  1. I think this is a wonderful activity! Thank you for allowing me to preview! There are so many fun facts and it has great graphics!


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