Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Two Speechies Tangled on a Tuesday: Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl and Home Sweet Speech Room

It's Tangled Tuesday! This is a GREAT idea that Amy of Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl started. Two bloggers swap activities and write a review of each other's activities. Each person also creates one freebie, so keep reading to check out our materials as well as some great, FREE activities!

Amy sent me a copy of her Winter Hat Multiple Meaning Activity.

 The pack comes with a vocabulary glossary, which is great!

There are three sets of cards included: "Generate the Meaning" cards, "Generate the Word" cards, and "Multiple Choice Answer" cards. This is great for extra practice!

Generate the Meaning card
Students draw the card and generate the multiple meanings of the given word.

Generate the Word card

Students draw a card and choose the word that goes with the definitions on the card.

Multiple Choice Answer

Students draw a card and answer the multiple choice question on the card.

This can be played as either Memory (matching), Go-Fish, or Uno.

Note: I did not get the chance to use this with my students, since we were already on winter break. However, I know they would LOVE it! :) 

For older students, one alternative is to have them write a sentence for each meaning of the word.  This also targets longer mean length of utterance, grammar, and sentence formulation!

 Check out this activity here.  Amy has also generously offered a FREEBIE that you can get at her TpT store here.  Go "like" her on her Facebook page.

She has reviewed my New Year's Sequencing, which you can find in my TpT store here.

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