Friday, January 11, 2013

Silly World Preschool Categories

This is a fun 13 page download focusing on categories for preschoolers. It's also Silly World style, so it's perfect for a certain author's birthday on March 2nd or any time you read his books about a famous cat :)  (This is Dr. Seuss, by the way. Due to copyright issues, it can't be labeled as "Dr. Seuss.")

In this pack, you receive 6 category sorting mats, 44 cards to sort, 4 blank cards so you can create your own, and a page of backs for the cards. Print these on the back of the same page you printed the cards.
Sorting Mat
Back of cards

Play one of two ways:
1. Place all cards in a pile. Students will take turns drawing cards and sorting them onto appropriate mats.

2. Place all cards face down on the floor. Tape mats to the wall or set on table. Students will toss a bean bag towards the cards. Students flip over the card the bean bag lands on and will then sort it onto the appropriate mat. (Bean bags not included)

You can find this activity in my TpT store here

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