Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fast Dash Articulation: Early Sounds

A few weeks ago, I posted about a game I found at Goodwill called Wild Planet Hyper Dash. You can click on that link to see the game and watch a video about it.  Check out the original post about Fast Dash Phonology here to see more pictures of the game itself! I said I would be making more activities to go along with it, so here is an early sounds articulation packet for you!!  Again, you DO NOT need the game to do this activity! (I do provide an option for you if you do own it, though).

 Spread out five or six circles (target words) of different colors. 

Students will listen as the SLP calls out different colors. The student will pick up those colors in order as fast as they can. Students collect their dots and repeat the words back the number of times the SLP indicates. 

SLP can time students if they want. It can also be done as a relay or in teams for more participation. 

If you have the Hyper Dash game: Put the cards on top of the disks (or under or next to). Students will listen as the Hyper Dash Unit calls out which color. When the student pushes that color, they collect the card. Once that round is over, the student says his/her words. 

In this packet, there are 288 circle cards (18 of each initial, 18 of each final sound)! That's A LOT of cards! The sounds targeted are all early developing sounds (p, b, m, k, g, t, d, f). 

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