Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hollywood Feud {FREEBIE}

This is a fun 9 page FREEBIE with lots of fun facts about actors and actresses with a focus on listening comprehension. It includes an instruction page, 2 stars, 28 fact cards, 4 blank cards, and 4 question prompt cards.

The SLP will draw a fact card and a question prompt card.

Fact Cards

Question Prompt Cards

He/she will read the fact card. He/she will then read a follow up question to the students based on the question prompt card drawn. The students will reach for their stars as soon as the question is read and they think they know the answer. They will raise their stars in the air.

Whoever raises their star in the air first will answer the question. It is suggested that the SLP also ask each student what he/she was going to answer, too, for more participation opportunities.
If the student answers correctly, he/she keeps the card. Whoever has the most cards at the end wins!

Modification for Articulation practice—students find a word with their sound in it. The SLP will drill that word!

You can find this FREEBIE here.  Thanks so much for all of your support!!


  1. Such a cute idea! Great for teens! Well done! Shared!!!

  2. Wonderful idea!! Thanks so much for sharing:)

  3. I love your listening for comprehension activities! I would love more packets around this skill, including telling the main idea and naming details.


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