Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Sale Purchases

I am so excited about what I found during the big sale yesterday!  I really cannot wait to use all of them! There were so many GREAT items!

Concepts of Spoken Words from Ms. Jocelyn Speech. I have a little preschool girl who is working on auditory comprehension, so this will be perfect!!

Candyland Preschool Language Cards from Speech Room News . I'm working with preschoolers who need motivation and lots of language. This will be GREAT for them!

What's Wacky: Auditory Comprehension and Reasoning from Teach Speech 365. This will be great for my little kiddos working on auditory comprehension!  Can't wait to try it out!

Listening Lieutenants from Crazy Speech World. Again, great way to target auditory comprehension skills!  Lots of activities in this packet that I cannot wait to try out!

Rock climbing:/s/, /s/ blends, /z/, /r/, /r/ blends, and listening comprehension from A Speechie's World.  This packet targets so much at once and has such a cute theme!!

Wizard of Oz Uno from The Buckeye Speech Path. If your students are like mine, they need a lot of motivation! I'm planning a Wizard of Oz unit coming up, and this will be a great reinforcer!!

Cupcake Matching from Putting Words in Your Mouth. This will be a great reinforcer, especially for one of the girls on my caseload!

And to help keep me organized:

Let's Get Organized by Simply Speech. She includes a lot of logs for screening, IEPs, parent contact, and more! They all have super cute backgrounds. Makes my life a lot easier!!

I also grabbed a lot of clip art, so be on the look out for more products coming your way sometime soon!

What were your favorite purchases?

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