Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Journey to Becoming an SLP

Hope everyone's week has started off well!  About a week ago, my story was featured on Pocket SLP.  Some people have been asking about my journey, so I thought I would share what was written last week, if you're interested.  It is written in third person because that's how it was on Pocket SLP.  Without further ado, here is my journey:

Carissa is a current graduate student in Saint Louis, Missouri, studying Communication Sciences and Disorders. She enjoys running, cooking, shopping, and exploring St. Louis when she isn’t busy reading and prepping for school and clinic. In fact, she is currently training for a half marathon she plans to run with her mother in November! She is currently working in a Head Start center with preschoolers and in the International Adoption Clinic on campus doing diagnostic testing for internationally adopted children. Carissa is passionate about everything related to children! She is writing her thesis in the area of pediatric dysphagia and thickening liquids, which is her true interest! She also has experience working in skilled nursing facilities, home health, and outpatient clinic settings.

Carissa first heard about speech pathology when she was in high school. She had planned on becoming a Spanish teacher and had just completed a semester student teaching a 7th grade Spanish class. While she loved her supervising teacher and the experience, she also realized the 30-1 ratio was not the best for her. Neither were junior high-ers. One day, she was over at a friend’s house, making Christmas cookies. This friend’s sister-in-law was also there and was asking Carissa about her plans for her major in college. Carissa expressed her frustration and confusion. This sister-in-law suggested that Carissa look into speech pathology because her of ability to speak Spanish. After all, we always need more bilingual therapists, right? She went off to college and declared her double majors in Spanish and Speech Pathology and Audiology and never looked back.

She knew it was the right field for her when she had to the opportunity to conduct research and present it at ASHA in 2010. Rarely did undergraduate students get a research assistant position their freshman year of college and get to present it their junior year, especially at a conference so big! She also had the chance to shadow in several Neonatal Intensive Care Units, thanks to connections of various professors. Things just seemed to be falling into place. Carissa is still so incredibly thankful for those opportunities.

In December 2012, Carissa started a blog to share her ideas for therapy! She says that it is one of the best decisions she has ever made. The blogging community is a great place for resources and ideas! 

What's your journey?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story! I would love to be bilingual.

    Oh, How Pintearesting!


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