Monday, March 11, 2013

Sleuthy L-Blends: Articulation Packet for Speech Therapy

Thanks again for your patience during the last couple of weeks of midterms.  I am finally catching up on sleep and relaxation!  I also had the chance to finish another Sleuthy Blends packet for you!  Check it out:

Print, cut, and laminate all cards and detectives. Tape a detective to a Kleenex box, cardboard box, or basket. Either do one box for the entire group or one for each student. Please note: There are both male and female detectives as well as dark and light skinned detectives because all of our students are diverse!

Students will draw “detective tool” cards and say the target word on the card.

If the student says the word correctly (and the designated number of times by the SLP), he/she gives the tool to the detective (i.e. he/she places the card in the box/basket).

For each target word said correctly, the student gets a point. Tally up points on the sheet provided. Whoever has the most points wins!

A word list is also provided!

Hope your students will enjoy this as much as mine do!! 

You can find this activity in my TpT store here.  
You can find the Sleuthy S-blend packet here.

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