Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Product Swapportunity with Speechy Musings

Today, I have the fun "swapportunity" to check out a new product from from Speechy Musings!  She recently posted about her new Phonemic Awareness PowerPoint, which you can see here.  As soon as I saw this product, I knew I absolutely had to have it!  Check it out below, and you'll see why!

When you open the PowerPoint, you see this picture:

Then, if you click forward, you'll be taken to this screen:

It gives you choices for FIVE different activities: alliteration awareness, phonemic matching, phoneme segmentation, phoneme isolation (initial), and phoneme isolation (final)!  She thought of everything ;)   Just click on the box of the activity you would like to do, and it will take you right there!

The first activity is alliteration awareness.  On each slide, the student will identify which picture starts with a different sound.  See the example below-the student would choose rainbow. Simply click on the picture, and it will give you immediate feedback (right or wrong).  

The second activity is phoneme matching.  This time, a picture is given in the question, and the student will identify which picture starts with the same sound! Same thing is true here about the feedback!

The third activity is phoneme segmentation.  In this activity, students will identify how many sounds they hear in a word (the picture for the word is given here).  Again, feedback is provided!

Fourth, you have the phoneme isolation (initial).  In this activity, students will identify the letter that the picture starts with.   An arrow is provided for a visual cue for the first letter.  Feedback is provided here, too!

Finally, you have phoneme isolation (final).  Similar to the previous activity, student identify the LAST letter of whatever is pictured.  An arrow is provided for a visual cue for the last letter.  Again, feedback is provided!

Why I love it: 
She had this fantastic idea of creating "no print" type products. This makes it easier for YOU because you don't have to spend all that time printing, cutting, and laminating. Not to mention it saves you money because you don't have to buy paper, ink, or laminating pouches!

It gives you immediate feedback!  This is so important for our students!

It's simple and easy to use.  Just pull it up on your computer and go! Students will enjoy it, too!

You could also print these out if you wanted to, to use as flashcards!  I cannot bring in electronics to my clinic placement, so this is probably what I will do!!

It targets basic skills needed for communication and academic success!!

It's 129 slides long.  That's lots of opportunities for your students! 

Be sure to check these out:
You can find this activity in her TpT store here.  Great news: It's on sale right now and will be all week (until Sunday, 3/17).

You can like Speechy Musings on Facebook here.

Check out her blog post about one of my products here.

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