Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bubble Gum Articulation Game for K and G

I have a brand new product for you!!  After final ended, I've had some time to finish up some half-started projects.  Get ready--they're all coming your way soon!

 Looking for a fun, new way to target /k/ and /g/? Then this bubble gum slap articulation game is just for you!

Place the gumball machine in the center of the table.

Students draw cards and say the word on the card the designated number of times. If they state the word correctly, place the card on the gumball machine in the middle.

The cards will pile up until a special card is drawn. SLAP cards mean that the students must slap the center pile. Whoever slapped first collects the cards.

Watch out for popped bubble cards—put all of your cards back into the middle pile!

Note: For older kids, have them read the words. For younger kids, the SLP will say the words and the child will repeat them back. If you don’t want it to be direct imitation, say the word, use it in a sentence, and then have the child say it.

For students who also have language goals, have them use their target words in a sentence!

This packet includes initial, medial, and final /k/ and initial and medial /g/. There are 162 target word cards, 6 blank cards, 6 SLAP cards, 6 popped bubble cards, and 1 gumball machine mat.

Want this game??   You can find it in my TpT store here

I'll also give away this product to one lucky reader! Enter below and I'll choose a winner early next week!

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