Thursday, May 30, 2013

Roll and Play {Product Review}

I was walking around my local grocery/super store and found this AWESOME game!  I had NO idea that it was developed by a speech and language product company, since it was sitting with all other board games.  I read the description and knew that I simply could not pass it up!  It is PERFECT for preschool speech, language, and motor therapy activities!  There are affiliate links in this post for your convenience.

Allow me to introduce you to Roll and Play from Think Fun! The package states that students will "have fun and learn," and I definitely agree!! 

If you would like to get this game for your speech room or your own children, click on the picture below:

The Basics:
Before playing, separate the cards into the different color stacks on the table.  On his or her turn, a student/child will take the huge die and roll it.  Then, they pick up a card that matches the color they rolled and perform the action on the card.  Some of the actions include, "Give one hug" or "Find something red."

What's Included:
The package comes with one die and a set of 48 activity cards.  It also comes with instructions and a Parent's Guide.

Why I Love It:
- It can target SOOOOO many different goals.  Examples include colors, counting, and following directions.
-It's easy to store--the cards fit into a pocket in the die.
-It's fun and gets the students moving!
-The pictures are simple and easy to understand.
-There's writing on the cards for those students who can read, too!

Modification for Older Students:
One modification to make it suitable for older students would be to have them roll the die more than once.  That way, they have to follow multiple directions.  This may be a stretch, but for some of the directions, you could even facilitate a discussion about when some of those actions are appropriate and when they are not (i.e. when is it appropriate to give a friend a hug?). 

My preschoolers absolutely LOVE this game.  Will yours love it, too?  Check out Thinkfun Roll and Play Board Game!

Enjoy it!
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