Saturday, June 1, 2013

2 'Moore' Ways to Support SLPs

You know what I absolutely love about this community?  The amount of love and support that there is!  As soon as the tornado swept through OK, the bloggers started thinking about what we could do to help out.

We came up with the idea to create bundles of our products that you can purchase.  ALL of the money will go directly to the Moore SLPs!   To find out more information about these bundles, please click the stamp image below: 

Are you on FB?  There is a specific SLPs care for Oklahoma page, too!  You can find that here.  More information will be posted on that page over time.

There is also a page on TpT that I would encourage you to follow.  It's called SLPsCareForOK and you can find that here.  If you are interested in purchasing the bundles, click on the two pictures below to see them!

Thanks for being an amazing community!! We love you all!

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