Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale {Storybook Companion}

Doing an ocean theme in your speech room or classroom? Reading a Rainbow Fish book? This is the perfect unit for you then! This packet is 41 pages and addresses your students' speech and language needs!

This packet is intended to supplement the book Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale by Marcus Pfister.  You can get that book by clicking on the cover below. It is an affiliate link for your convenience.

-Sign-In Activities: Use these for sign-in at the beginning of the day or for a tracing activity. Trace three words from the book! (3 cards)

-Character and Setting Cards: Use these cards to ask follow-up questions while reading the storybook. Put two cards out and have the students choose the correct card (binary choices). You can also use them to supplement cloze procedures. For example, “The main character is _______ (Rainbow Fish).” (6 cards)

-Sequencing Pictures: Give a set of pictures to a student. He or she will arrange the pictures in the order of events in the book. (9 pictures, 3 blank cards)

-Snail Social Problem Solving: The students will answer the question and state what they should do in the situation. (30 scenario cards, 6 blank cards)

-Animal Sorting {Size Comparison}: Students will sort the cards that they have been given and then pass their set onto the next student when they have finished. (1 sorting mat, 15 sorting cards)

-Where is Rainbow Fish hiding?: Pass the cards out randomly, upside down, giving one to each student. One student will be “It” and will try and guess which student received the Rainbow Fish card. One student will receive the Rainbow Fish card. The rest of the students will receive other fish cards. Once students receive their cards, they should memorize what they have and place the card under them. The person who is “it” will have 3 guesses to find Rainbow Fish. (12 cards)

-Coral Reef Parts of Speech: Students take turns drawing word cards. They will determine if the word on the card is a noun, a verb, or an adjective. (3 sorting mats, 36 word cards, 6 blank cards)

-Rainbow Point Roll: Students roll a die to determine how many points they score during for that turn. Record them on the scoring cards. (1 die, 2 scoring cards)

-Game Board: Get Rainbow Fish back to the reef! (1 game board)

-Coloring Page: If you were Rainbow Fish and friends, where would you hide from the whale? Draw it. (1 coloring page)

This storybook companion is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here.    Hope you enjoy it!!

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  1. I have 2 favorite summer themes....beach and camping. Since we are on summer break, I don't use these themes much, however.
    Love this book!

  2. I love to do a patriotic theme for summer. I use patriotic activities at the end of May and the first few weeks of school.

  3. Bugs. Bugs can be cute, or more like monsters- but always fun and interesting. Second choice is water activities.

  4. I use the beach and ocean themes. We make aquarium bottles, have a luau, and other assorted activities.

  5. I agree...beach and camping. I love to incorporate scavenger hunts. Kids love it!

  6. I love camping themes - a bit different from the usual beach stuff, but plenty of ways to incorporate fun things, like bugs! :)

  7. I love to use a picnic theme and bring in a picnic basket to use. I put misc. items inside and as we pull them out, we talk about which items we would take on a picnic and those we wouldn't and why.

  8. I LOVE BEACH, POPSICLES AND BBQ, the universal summer themes.

  9. I love camping--bugs, forest animals, family and activities, foods for camping......and many stories!

  10. I love themes centered around the ocean, ocean animals and ice-cream!


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