Tuesday, July 2, 2013

ABC Letter Learning {App Review}

I have a great app to share with you today!  It's called ABC Letter Learning from Merge Mobile!  Keep reading to see why I love it.  This app was provided for me in exchange for an honest review of it.  All opinions expressed are mine.  No other compensation was received.

Description of the app (from Merge Mobile):
ABC Letter Learning is a comprehensive alphabet learning app which includes several activities to support letter comprehension (both upper and lowercase), phonics and real world object association.  In addition to fun and interactive digital activities, the app comes with a set of printable worksheets and activities for your child to practice their ABC’s in the physical world.

There are FOUR different activities or "areas" in this app.  

The first is Letter Recognition:

This is a simple yet very practical activity for our preschoolers! Just hit the "Start" button at the top.  A voice will say, "Find the letter _____" and the student will press the letter that was stated.  Then, it'll move onto the next one.  If you touch the Aa button in the upper right corner, it'll switch the letters to all lowercase.  If you don't want to use that feature, you can just press each letter, and it will say them outloud!

The second activity is Letter Phonics.

In this section, if you press on the middle letter, it will say the name of the letter.  If you press on the pictures around it, it will say some variation of ,"A is for apple" or "Ant starts with A."  If you press on the "Phonics" button, it says the sound that that letter makes.

Third is Letter Trace.

This section is pretty simple.  Trace the letter that you see on the screen.  If you click on the Aa button in the upper right corner, it'll change it to a lowercase letter.

The last section is Practice Sheets.

This section is FULL of PDFs that you can email to yourself or print directly from your iPad.

1. Flashcards- These are flashcards of uppercase and lowercase letters and pictures that start with each letter of the alphabet.

2. ABC Hangers- These are include the letter and a picture of a word that starts with that letter.  It also includes a sentence such as "A is for Apple."

3. ABC Letter Recognition- Worksheets where the student writes in the first letter of each word.

4. Alphabet Pages- Worksheets where the student practices writing the letters (both upper and lower case).

5. Words That Start With- Worksheets that focus on one letter at a time. Students will write in the letter in each word.

In my therapy room:
My students love this app.  They are super motivated by anything that has to do with the iPad.  For me, having them do an app that works on letter recognition and learning is amazing!  They like the interactive nature of the various pages.  They love being able to touch something and have it talk back to them!

Why I love it:
-My students love it, and it holds their attention.
-It targets basic skills that my preschoolers need to work on.
-It's colorful without being too obnoxious.
- The pictures are simple and easily recognizable for the students.
-It's super affordable!! Only $1.99!

What I would like to see:
-There is no way to keep data right now.  This means you'll have to have pen and paper close by to track it. It'd be nice if it could be incorporated into the app in future updates. However, I will say that it would not prevent me from purchasing it.

Think this is something you'd like for your speech room?  You can purchase it here.

Merge Mobile is being super generous and giving away a copy to THREE lucky readers.  Enter below:
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  1. Looks wonderful! Always looking for great phonological awareness apps :)


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