Monday, July 1, 2013

My Truck is Stuck! {Storybook Companion}

My students absolutely adore the book "My Truck Is Stuck" by Kevin Lewis and Daniel Kirk! I created this storybook companion to go along with it in my speech room. Hope your students love it as much as mine do! This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. 

If you need to purchase this book, you can do so here:

This packet is 41 pages in length and includes the following activities:

-Sign-In Activities: Use these activities for students to “sign-in” for the day. Have the students trace the words. (includes 3 sign-in cards, 1 sign-in scene)

-Story Retell: Students will draw cards and place them in order on the sequencing mat. Whoever completes the sequence correctly first wins! (includes 1 sequencing mat, 6 retell pictures)

-Construction Rhyming: Students take turns drawing cards. Students will read the word (or have it read to them) and they will state another word that rhymes with the word on the card. If they answer correctly, they place their card on their mat. Whoever covers each spot on their mat first wins! (includes 1 student mat, 30 word cards, 6 blank cards)

-Final /k/ Trucks: Students take turns drawing cards. Students will practice the word on the card 3 times. Use the wheels on the truck (on the mat) as a pacing card if need be. If they answer correctly, they place their card on their mat with the truck. Whoever has the most cards wins! Or use a reinforcer. (includes 1 student mat, 36 final /k/ cards, 6 blank cards)

-Yes/No Buses: Students take turns drawing cards and answering the questions on the cards. If the students answer correctly, they keep their cards. Watch out for barricade cards! Lose all your cards if you draw one of these! (includes 6 barricade cards, 30 bus cards, 6 blank cards)

-Same/Different Cards: Students take turns drawing cards. Student looks at the card. Ask the student one of the following questions (as appropriate):
Which one is different?
How is it different?
Which ones are the same?
How are they the same?
(includes cards that differ by size, differ by type of vehicle, 
differ by color)

-Coloring Page: Color on part of the picture for each question answered or word said correctly. 

-Game Board: Get the trucks back to the road. For four players or you can use it for a do-a-dot type reinforcer. 

Hope your students enjoy these activities!  You can find this packet in my Teachers Pay Teachers store

I'll pick a lucky winner to receive a copy of this packet! Enter the Rafflecopter below. 

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  1. I'd love to see a companion to one of the Elephant and Piggie books (by Mo Willems).

  2. I would love a book companion on We're Going on a Bear Hunt!

  3. Jayne Watkin left this comment (it got deleted somehow!)- I like the Nancy Shaw "Sheep" books. Also the Fly Guy books for friendship and to work on the /z/. Love the Elephant and Piggie books for voice and expression.

  4. Summer-themed book as I get to work through the summer! Perhaps the Pout Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen.

  5. More books by Karma Wilson.....The Bear Feels Sick etc

  6. I love the Old Lady series and I know you've done some of them. I don't have a particular preference on one book or the other - I just love the idea of having book companions! I've learned about some books I was unfamiliar with because a companion was available ;)

  7. I vote Elephant and Piggie too! Also love Amelia Bedelia


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