Sunday, June 30, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader: Other Reader Options

Google Reader is disappearing tomorrow (July 1st).  This has been the way most people scroll through and read all of the blogs they are following.  Let me tell you about some simple solutions that will make your life so much easier!

I'm going to share my TWO favorite options with you, but there are a lot out there.  I like these two because they're both FREE and have easy transitions from Google Reader.

1. Bloglovin'- I love this option.  You can view it on the web OR on your mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, etc).  Once you create an account, look under the little heart button in the upper right corner.  It says, "Import from Google Reader." Just follow those steps and voila!  I use Bloglovin' on my iPad, and there's an option for marking them as read or not. You can also "like" a post.  I love this because I know which ones I've read already and which ones I want to come back to in the future!  You can also organize your posts into categories.  For example, I have "Speechie Blog" and "Fashion Inspiration" as two of mine! You can follow Home Sweet Speech Room here.

2. Feedly- This option also has a simple way to import your blogs from Google Reader.  It is also available on the iPad and iPhone.  Feedly has been the top rated one across the web since the announcement of Google Reader disappearing.  Feedly may be a little more visually appealing, as some posts are small and some are larger.   Honestly, I haven't played around with it much, but so far, it looks great!  You can find more information here.

Other options I would recommend:
- Flipboard- More of a magazine style reader, "flips" between pages.
-News360- Personalizes your reader so that the ones that are most relevant are the ones you see.

Still other options are available on this list here from the LA Times. Some of them are paid apps and services though!

I hope you find that one of those works for you!  What is your favorite reader? 

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