Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Word Vault {app review}

I'm excited to show you a new app today from Home Speech Home!  This app is called Word Vault, and it is exactly what it sounds like! I hope you love it as much as I do!! Check it out:

The basics:
-There are over 30,000 words, phrases, and sentences in this app
-There are over 200 categories
-Words can be sorted by sound, blend, place, syllable, or language content
-Word lists include: 87 articulation lists, 80 language lists, 30 phonology lists, and 26 social lists
-This app is designed for professionals and parents

When you first open the app, you'll be taken to this menu screen.  On the bottom, you will see the navigation bar.  The far left takes you back to this screen.

The second one allows you to switch between lists if you have more than one open.

The envelope (third one) allows you to email the content to yourself or parents.

The fourth one gives information about how the app can be used for specific areas (articulation, apraxia, fluency, voice, phonology, etc).

The question mark (fifth one) displays the button functions.  So if you don't have this review sitting in front of you and forget something, you can click on that and it will remind you what to do!

So basically this app is a HUGE set of word lists organized by categories to make it easy for you.  Pretty awesome, right??  Here are some examples of the word lists for you:

Why I Like This App:
-It is very easy to use and navigate.
-It is full of word lists for the common targets we need words for on a daily basis!
-You are already carrying your iPad around so it is with you at all times!
-You don't need to carry around a bulky book.
-It is extremely comprehensive in terms of content.
-You can email the lists to yourself or to parents.
-These can be used during therapy, as carryover, in the classroom, or as homework activities.
-You can target almost anything with it!  The app has ideas for articulation, apraxia, fluency, voice, phonology, phonological awareness, language, and social concepts.  There may be more!!

This app is available on iTunes for $9.99 at the time of this review!

Would you use this app?? 

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