Friday, September 27, 2013

Fab Find Friday: 9/27/2013

Anyone feel like this was a slow week?  Last week flew by, this week seemed to drag on and on!  I hope yours was better than mine!   Even though it wasn't the best week, there were some great finds in the blogging world.  Check them out!

1. Jenn at Crazy Speech World posted about pirates and a craftivity! Check out her post here.

2.  Have you seen the Hump Day commercial? You know, the one with the camel?  So great right?  Rose at Cooking Up Good Speech posted about using commercials in therapy! Love her ideas. Check out her post here.   Here's the commercial:

3. Carrie at Carrie's Speech Corner posted about the Expanding Expression Tool (EET).  Check out her introductory post here.

4. Maureen at The Speech Bubble posted about executive functions.  Check out her informative post here.

5. Rachel at The Queen's Speech posted a new product called Word a Day or Week Wall using a pocket chart.  Check out her idea here.

6. Shannon at Speechy Musings posted a new product for adult clients- a memory/orientation book!!  Check it out here.

7.  I guest posted over at Allison's Speech Peeps this week! In case you missed it, check it out here.

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!

Note: All pictures have been used with permission.
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  1. LOVE Jenn's pirates!

  2. I love when I make the cut for Fab Find Friday! Thanks Carissa :)

    P.S. those pirates were SO fun :)


  3. Thanks for the shout out! Have a great weekend!


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