Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Open-Ended Articulation {app review}

Are you familiar with blogger Erik X. Raj at all?  If so, then you'll love this!   If you're not familiar with him, you will also love this (and should get familiar with him!!).  He has created some great apps and this new one is no exception! Check it out.

If you have seen his other apps, this one looks very similar!  The opening page of the app shows you the different sound options. As you can see above, this app targets /s, z, r, l/, sh, ch, and th.  Pick your target sound, and more options will pull up. Pick the position, blends, or mix, as seen in the /s/ example below!

Once you select your specific target, you are taken through a series of open ended questions. The target word is in bold, and the target sound is underlined.  You can read the question to the student or you can click "Hear the Sentence" to hear Erik read it out loud!  If the student would benefit from an example answer, you can click "Hear an Answer."  They are SO entertaining! I love listening to Erik's answers!

In case you want more info, Erik has put together a lovely info page (accessible from the homepage).  Just scroll through it!

A new addition to this app is his "Get To Know You" page. Click on his picture, the pizza, or the mug to hear a little about him! This is also entertaining!

What I like about this app:
-It's easy to use!
-Erik is very entertaining in his examples! Kids will love it.
-It's bright color-wise but not overwhelming.
-It is a fun way to target articulation, though you can absolutely target more than just articulation with it!! Social skills, language, etc. There are a lot of possibilities!
-It may spark some interesting conversations!

Bottom Line:
Erik has created a great app that students will have fun with.  They might not even notice they're working ;)  It's a great way to mix up therapy and get away from straight drill for awhile.

Do you want this app?? You can find it on iTunes for $4.99 (at the time of this post).

Have fun with it!!

Disclaimer: A code for the app was provided for my review. All opinions expressed are mine. No other compensation was received. 
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  1. How funny! I just downloaded this app along with Multiple Choice Articulation and wrote a review this morning! (For Multiple Choice Artic - I haven't actually had a chance to write one on Open Ended Artic yet!) Erik Raj is hilarious.


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